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In Spain there are three types of permits for abnormal transports depending on their size, mass and axle load; classified in Generic, Specific and Exceptional authorizations.

Each request shall contain a limited number of motor vehicles plate numbers and a limited number of trailer or semi-trailer plate numbers technically equivalent to each other and to the carried load.

Generic Authorization Specific Authorization Exceptional Authorization
Length (L) (*) < L ≤ 20.55 m 20.55m < L ≤ 40.00 m L > 40.00m
Width (a) (*) < a ≤ 3.00 m 3.00m < a ≤ 5.00m a > 5.00m
Height (h) (*) <h ≤ 4.50 m 4.00m < h ≤ 4.50 m h > 4.50m
Mass (M)

(*) < M ≤ 45.00 tm

45.00 tm < M ≤ 110.00 tm M > 110.00 tm
Axle mass (Meje) Meje ≤ RGV y Meje ≤ ITV RGV < Meje ≤ ITV RGV < Meje ≤ ITV
  • RGV = General Vehicle Regulations
  • ITV = ITV card details
  • (*) = Maximum authorized dimensions and mass, according to Annex IV of the RGV

In Specific and Exceptional authorizations the full itinerary of the abnormal transport must be specified in order to obtain the permission. Generic authorizations do not need to specify this itinerary.

The authorization issued, authorize to travel on all roads with a number of exceptions (prescriptions) that are specified in pass restrictions (cannot circulate around a kilometer point, stretch of road or highway) and pass reservations (you can circulate around a kilometer point, stretch of road or highway but with proper precautions)

Some special transports require the escort of the Civil Guard officers.