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The road network in Norway is divided into four different categories with regard to the maximum weight of transports: Bk10, BkT8, Bk8 and Bk6. The highest weights are permitted on the Bk10 road network. Limits for width are the same for all road classes. There are no specified hight limits set in regulations but local limitations are common due to tunnels, crossings under railways, bridges etc. These are indicated with traffic signs when free hight is below 4,50 meter. Further restrictions to maximum authorised length may apply on certain sections of road.

Informational materials on the classification of the road network and the associatedlimits for dimensions and weights can be obtained from the Norwegian Public Roads Ad-ministration, NPRA (Statens Vegvesens). This office publishes yearly maps and a route list for this purpose. Whereas the map includes information in five different languages, the route list is only available in Norwegian.

In the case that a special transport exceeds the designated size and weight limits, a special permit must be requested. The authority which issues such permits in Norway is also NPRA.

The Roads Administration operates five regional offices which serve as local contacts. All applications for special permits, however, must be submitted to the central office in Oslo. Applications are usually processed within three days, and all permits are free of charge.