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In Finland abnormal transports are authorised by means of permits which are valid for either an individual route or a predefined route network. A route permit is granted only for a specified route between the starting point and ending point stated in the application. A road network permit has a more general character, specifying several predefined routes which can be used for the transport. The period of validity of the permits varies from one week to one year, depending on the total weight and dimensions as well as the country where the vehicles are registered.

Independent of the type of abnormal transport and region, permit applications must be submitted to the Finish Road Administration. The application must contain information on the axleloads, total laden weight, length, height and width of the vehicle or vehicle combination, both including and excluding load. The load and transport route must also be specified. A Coupling Inspection Certificate must be submitted along with the application if the vehicle including load exceeds the weight limits or if the vehicle without load exceeds the dimension or weight limits. If the vehicle includes variable or adjustable vehicle components, such as an extendable trailer, the application should contain the dimensions that apply to the exact constellation of the vehicle or vehicle combination as it will be used for the transport in question.

Finland, like Denmark, has a preclassified road network. The technical specifications of the road network are accessible for the evaluation of transport feasibility through an electronic data-processing system, the Oversized Transport Route data system (OTR). Special permits may be connected with additional conditions, such as specified windows of time during which the transport can be performed, identification of the load or vehicle with signs or other equipment, transport escorts and special speed limits. Finland has a system for managing the escort of special transports. Whereas, in the other VIKING countries, escorts for abnormal transports are carried out, for the most part, by the police force, Finland employs Transport Traffic Directors for this purpose. These groups direct traffic in cases where a transport exceeds certain dimensions or cannot be carried out without the violation of certain traffic regulations, such as on intersections, bridges or road bottlenecks. While on duty, a Special Transport Traffic Director has similar authority in Finland as a police officer.

The processing period required for the application varies depending on the weight and route of the transport. Permits for transports with a total laden weight of less than 100 tonnes for a single route can generally be processed in two to four workdays. The application procedure can take longer, e.g. if more than one route is requested.

For heavy transports with a weight of more than 100 tonnes, the processing time for applications is approximately one week. If the load-bearing capacity of bridges must be re-evaluated for the transport, the application process will take longer.

The prices for abnormal transport permits are based on the total weight, the dimensions and the number of requested routes. The fees charged for supervising the transport by bridge- crossing are billed separately.

The permit is granted either to the transport company, the client ordering the transport, or the manufacturer of the load being transported. The permit cannot be transferred to another company or private person.

Overweight transport
< 120 tonnes 120 euros
120 – 200 tonnes 180 euros
> 200 tonnes 510 euros
Oversized transport
Height > 7 metres 100 euros
Width > 6 metres 100 euros
Other transports
60 euros
Bridge-crossing supervision
375 euros per bridge