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Please select all countries your transport travels through

Countries of Europe A blank Map of Europe. Every country has an id which is its ISO-3166-1-ALPHA2 code in lower case. Members of the EU have a class="eu", countries in europe (which I found turkey to be but russia not) have a class="europe". Certain countries are further subdivided the United Kingdom has gb-gbn for Great Britain and gb-nir for Northern Ireland. Russia is divided into ru-kgd for the Kaliningrad Oblast and ru-main for the Main body of Russia. There is the additional grouping #xb for the "British Islands" (the UK with its Crown Dependencies - Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man) Contributors. Original Image: ( Jlio Reis ( Recolouring and tagging with country codes: Marian "maix" Sigler ( Improved geographical features:!B: Updated to reflect dissolution of Serbia & Montenegro: Updated to include British Crown Dependencies as seperate entities and regroup them as "British Islands", with some simplifications to the XML and CSS: James Hardy ( Released under CreativeCommons Attribution ShareAlike (

type of transport

Please select your basic type of transport.


Please enter the dimensions and possible load overhangs of your vehicle.

height and lengths
truck from behind
extra info: refrigerator
extra info: abnormal w/o permit

In Denmark, Finland and Sweden, you may go as »abnormal without permit« transport. Do you confirm with the applying rules?

You may want to check your transport first to go legal and »abnormal without permit« afterwards if legal produces an output thatyou may need a special permit.

extra info: special transport of vehicles

Are you using a special vehicle transporting other vehicles (i.e. cars) and is your transport carrying load (not empty)?

extra info: sea container
extra info: center axle

Axle loads

Please click plus/minus buttons to adjust the number of axles matching your transport. Then, enter the load of each axle and the distance between each pair of axles into the table below.

number of axles
axle loads and distances
motor vehicle drawbar trailer semi-trailer
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
driving axle
axle load (t)
distance (m)
total weights

Note: For Sweden, wvery two adjoined axles of a vehicle with a distance of 2 meters or less will be considered tandem-axles. Every three adjoined axles of a vehicle with a distance of 5 meters (first to third axle) or less will be considered tri-axles.

In every other country, three adjoined axles of a vehicle with a distances of less than 1.8 meters from first to second and second to third axle are considered to be tri-axles. Also, Two adjoined axles with a distance of less than 1.8 meters are considered a tandem axle.

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